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The Parenting Solution is facilitated by Alison Smith, mother and parenting coach.

Learn effective parenting strategies, get support during implementation and discover the power of positive community! It’s time to confidently raise happy, independent and successful kids.


Parenting is the most important job you will ever have.

…and also the hardest. We feel overwhelmed, frustrated and lost.

We all have moments when we doubt ourselves, feel guilty and even wonder if we’re cut out for it at all. It may even feel like we’re the only one struggling. You may wonder,

“Am I going to mess up my child?”

You might be asking how you’re going to raise this impressionable child. You want so much to do it right.

  • How can I teach my child about life’s consequences without being harsh or punitive?

  • Do I use time-outs or will that do him harm?

  • If I don’t use punishment, how will she ever learn?

  • Do I carry my baby or will that spoil him?

  • How do I stop yelling?

  • Do I pick up my baby at night or let her cry it out?

  • How can I encourage my child without coddling?

  • Is my child normal or should I be concerned?

  • What can I do to ensure that my child makes good choices, even when I’m not there?

  • How can I get my child to listen to me more?

  • Where do I find like-minded people who are encouraging rather than judgmental?

  • What if my spouse and I have different approaches?

  • What do I do about the whining? The constant negotiating?

  • How do I stay calm when it feels like my child is pushing every one of my buttons?

You’re not alone. I’ve heard these questions from so many of you. You’ve told me you’re tired of fighting to get your son’s teeth brushed. You’ve told me you’re tired of cajoling them to get out the door on time. You’ve told me you’re just plain tired.

“We’d like to stop having to constantly use negotiation/threats/time outs to get our child to do things!”

“My child seems to want to fight with me. What’s going on?”

“I’ve talked and even shouted till the cows come home and nothing is working. Help.”

Sometimes parents ask me how others seem to make it look so easy and they wonder,

“What am I missing?!”

Or maybe you were raised one way and now you’re looking for answers to parent differently, but can’t find others who’ve ‘been there and done that’ (and who have the awesome, empowered kids to show for it.)

I know what that’s like. I used to struggle on my own, trying to figure it all out. Everyone told me to not to ‘spoil her’. To ‘let her cry’ when she was a baby. To isolate her when she made the inevitable toddler mistakes. Then to show her ‘I was in charge’ during the preschooler stage. This all went against every parental instinct I had. This sweet child is a person who needs my guidance, not harsh treatment.

But I had so many questions about how to actually do things differently. I didn’t know who to listen to. The advice I was getting was often contradictory. A lot of the suggestions seemed downright disrespectful toward children. “Really, I should make her sit alone when she’s upset?!” I usually like company when I’m having a hard time. Wouldn’t my daughter be the same?

There are answers for you, too.

And once you learn them, you find that the good days outweigh the bad. The moments of peace and joy and laughter are more frequent. And the connection between you and your child keeps getting stronger. Suddenly, you realize that you’re working as a team. You’re facing any new challenges, together, with confidence.

It’s only $40 CDN a month

Instead of spending hours searching and reading blog posts to find answers, or getting misleading advice from every stranger or great-aunt with an opinion or just trying to “go it alone” and hoping for the best…

Imagine spending only 60 seconds posting a message to our community forum

And getting real-life answers from like-minded parents IN MINUTES

Or notes of encouragement from PARENTS IN THE SAME BOAT

How much time, energy and worry would that save you?

What would a quick-read guide that not only answers your immediate question, but sets you up for handling your next struggle with more ease SAVE YOU???

It is possible.

I’m living proof and so are my clients. Let me share with you the secrets I’ve spent years researching, testing and teaching.

What parents say about Alison’s solution

“I feel more confident.”

“I found it most useful knowing we aren’t alone.”

“…incredibly intelligent and well-researched.”

“Things like this should be taught in school.”

“I feel better able to parent in a respectful way.”

“Less frustration, happier family.”

“More peaceful.”

“Better relationship with my kids”

“Love the eye openers!”

“This is how I’d like to raise my son.”

“It will make all the difference!”

“I can be a better dad.”

“Just learning to do everything in an age-appropriate manner can change our lives. That alone can! We have so much to learn. The future is bright indeed! Thank you!” – Theresa W.

It’s only $40 CDN a month

Now imagine if these answers helped you to…

  • confidently choose strategies that will work for you

  • get your child to cooperate willingly, much more often

  • teach your child without nagging, bribing, yelling or counting to 3

  • have your child want to help with chores

  • reduce whining, fighting and meltdowns

  • manage your own emotions so you can respond to issues the way you want

  • encourage healthy independence

  • create such powerful influence in your child’s life that as teens they turn to you, instead of peers

Alison Smith Coaching

Alison And Her Family

Hi, I’m Alison Smith.

I’m a parenting coach and a mom to two amazing kids. I wasn’t always confident in my parenting though, I spent my early years struggling. I couldn’t find a happy medium on the spectrum between authoritarian and permissive parenting styles.

5:36 min

Want to hear something crazy?

It took me several years to finally realize there isn’t a happy medium…because somebody always won and somebody always lost. And because a win-lose answer is simply unacceptable to me, I kept searching.

What I discovered is that the solution lies off that spectrum completely.

It’s actually possible to create a win-win relationship with kids!

And that relationship is the key to the whole kingdom.

Alison Smith Coaching

An amazing bonus is that I also realized that I’d found my calling. I have to help others learn the solution, too.

If you’re willing (and I truly hope you are) I want to share how you too can shift your relationship to a win-win.

How you can adjust your language and strategies to gain more cooperation and connection.

And how you can change your mindset so you feel calmer and more confident. Who wouldn’t want to model that for their kids?

I’ve created a space for parents to learn how.

Parents working with Alison went from feeling alone and unsure about their parenting, to feeling connected and relieved to find strategies that work for them.

A Testimonial

“Your Gentle Parenting philosophy has changed how I look at the relationship with my teens.” – Elaine S.

A founding member has said:

“I DO find I am overwhelmed with the vast amount of “help with your kids” info online. I am starting to understand and weed out the discipline based things and just not waste my time on them. I am SO thankful to have found this group, to help me to be the parent i want to be.” Erin R.

It’s only $40 CDN a month

3 Ways Joining The Parenting Solution Today

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You’ll get…

  • Hours worth of searchable content and exercises on many of the most-asked parenting questions, the science, shifting your parenting mindset, moving past your own childhood, managing powerful emotions and more! All created or researched for you, so any time you spend online focused on parenting will be spent learning, not searching.

  • Brand new content every week, shared with you first.

  • Content that leads you through a 12-month process of completely shifting how your family operates, so you can move forward confidently, to face any new challenges together.

  • Parenting guides from well-known experts such as author Rebecca Eanes of The Newbie’s Guide to Positive Parenting, 1 Awesome Dad’s Eric Greene, Pure Joy Parenting’s Leslie Potter and Deborah McNelis of Brain Insights.

  • Real-time usable ideas for your current parenting challenge in the 24-7 community forum.

  • Live, online learning calls, every month, on topics you’ve been asking about.


Do you feel alone and maybe a bit unsure how to implement everything you’re learning? Want to explore the underlying causes for your child’s behaviour (and yours)? Coaching helps you do that.

Members receive these coaching bonuses

  • Direct access to me and my team in the community forum (my private clients pay thousands of dollars per year for personal guidance)

  • Join free monthly online calls to get some on-the-spot, customized solutions from me and our special guests. (Value: $29)

  • Members-only online learning sessions each month with instruction from me and my special guest. (Value: $49)

  • Weekly challenges and check-ins to keep you on-track and accountable. (Value: $39)


There are so many uncertainties in parenting but you don’t have to go through it on your own!

This community is filled with parents who have invested in their parenting. You know that they are committed and invested in growth. In my experience, the kinds of parents who want the best for their kids are generally a pretty outstanding bunch of kind, generous people.

Plus a lot of your fellow members (as well as the visiting experts) have “been there, done that” so they can give you some great insights on how to navigate through your challenges & roadblocks, so you don’t have to go through the trial & error process yourself. This saves you precious time and a lot of uncertainty.

My team and I will be in and out of the group on a daily basis, directing you to resources and exercises that directly relate to your current challenges or even giving you on-the-spot ideas.

I know there are a lot of other parenting groups out there, but in my experience many of them are filled with other newbies, with the best of intentions of course, who are all trying to find the answers themselves.

Or worse, they’re all sitting at home just reading posts, wishing they felt safe enough to share and instead are waiting for others to ask the tough questions.

Almost every free group out there is run by good-hearted volunteers who just don’t have the time to dedicate to helping you when you need it, as much as they wish they could.

And in some groups the internet trolls sneak in. They have nothing better to do than stir up trouble and make you question yourself. Who needs that?!

An awesome perk of your subscription

Every member gets access to a 24-7 community forum for FREE. In it you get

  • Access to a whole community of compassionate and engaged parents who are committed to supporting each other in this group in a powerful way.

  • PLUS knowledgeable group administrators, who understand your struggles and are standing by to help you.

It’s only $40 CDN a month


The first thing that you’ll get is a receipt for your purchase and you will instantly receive an email on how to request access to the bonus community forum & get all of the content.
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For whatever reasons you can no longer be part of the community, we will stop your subscription, no questions asked. You’ll still be able to access everything until your month is expired.
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Here is what you get when you sign up today:

  • LIVE monthly expert webinars (online learning sessions)
  • Live monthly Q&A’s where I answer your questions and may invite special guests as well
  • FREE access to my private Facebook group
  • Full access to all content, exercises and parenting guides, including posts from expert guest, all past webinars

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There is a range of experience levels in this group. We’ve also got exercises and parenting guides for those just starting out. And you can ask questions in the discussion forum at any time and get responses from other members as well as myself, guest experts and group administrators to help you get to where you want to be.
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We’ve all got more to learn, me included! There is a range of experience levels in this group. We’ve got exercises and parenting guides for those looking to get past common roadblocks on this journey. And you can ask questions in the discussion forum at any time. Group administrators and I are checking the group every day to offer support.
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For sure!
While most of the posts and guides are written with the parent in mind, most are easily adapted to a childcare setting. Suggestions to guide children with more respect and compassion, while managing our own triggers, is valuable to anyone who cares for children, be they daycare worker, grandparent or cool uncle! You also get access to the discussion forum to ask any questions unique to your situation, too.
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If, when you get to the community and start engaging, you don’t immediately realize the immense value, simply shoot us an email and we’ll cancel your subscription. No questions asked. You’ll still be able to access everything until the end of your current month.

Because we know that not everyone is ready to take the real steps they need to create transformation in their family, whatever that may be for them…if you don’t see the value and potential of this unique parenting solution community, then this group is probably not for you.

However, I’m so confident that when you get to the parenting solution membership group you’ll immediately realize the immense value that we deliver, and you’ll want to continue your membership.

It’s only $40 CDN a month

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