Daycare Distress

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These last few weeks have been a big adjustment for our family, as I imagine it has for many others. We have had a major work change for one member, public school starting for another and our youngest has started his first foray into public, group childcare. Needless to say, we have seen more than a few effects from these … Read More

Alison SmithDaycare Distress

Why should parents of toddlers care about consent?

Alison SmithParenting


Not a pleasant post to read, but important to determine your stance on it and to know other ways to protect your kids. Predators are not often the hooded figure lurking in the bushes with lollipops and promises of puppies. Most of them are known to us and trusted by us and our kids see us trusting them. In our … Read More

Alison SmithWhy should parents of toddlers care about consent?