Available Now! Alison Smith’s Gentle Parenting Manifesto eBook

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Gentle Parenting Manifesto eBook by Alison Smith

Read about Alison’s Gentle Parenting philosophy that she developed out of a need to find a different way to parent.   Although the term is not hers, the way she has pieced together others’ ideas and research is unique. Deep in Alison’s soul, she knew that children deserve as much respect as is afforded to adults, and not until she became a parent did a need for an even greater shift became a necessity. She yearned to parent without punishment, but struggled to find the elusive “happy medium” on that spectrum between authoritarian parenting and permissiveness.  After extensive research, questioning, trial and error, Alison came to a monumental conclusion. It changed everything.

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Alison SmithAvailable Now! Alison Smith’s Gentle Parenting Manifesto eBook