When Your Child Won’t Participate©

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When Your Child Won’t Participate

A parent asks: My five-year old doesn’t want to participate in music class. He doesn’t want to participate in anything – last year it was karate – and when he doesn’t want to participate, he says he “doesn’t feel well”. I don’t know what to do. Alison answers: You are not alone. In fact, my own family has experienced this … Read More

Alison SmithWhen Your Child Won’t Participate©

It’s better to be weird, than boring

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“It’s better to be weird, than boring” my mother always said. As a teen, I sighed and probably rolled my eyes. (Sorry, Mom.) But she was on to something. Not only is it boring, but it’s counter-productive to the needs of our current society! How many amazing minds have you heard of that are ‘just like everyone else’? I recently … Read More

Alison SmithIt’s better to be weird, than boring

From Control to Connection

Alison SmithColumn

By: Mattias - CC BY 2.0

I am not a perfect parent.   I bet that doesn’t surprise you though, since none of us is!  I do work hard at it, though.  Very hard.  And some days are harder than others, right?  I invite you to come along as I share my parenting journey with you.  The hard days too. I have always liked kids.  Like many … Read More

Alison SmithFrom Control to Connection