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How great would it be to enjoy a win-win relationship with your child? To avoid power struggles and yelling? This video series will show you how to:

  • gain respect and cooperation
  • increase your influence
  • raise happy, successful children using only positive discipline strategies backed by research.

Explore topics in short segments (5-10 minutes in length) or get a membership to the whole video series to gain a solid foundation in this positive approach to parenting. Imagine a day when every member of your family feels heard, respected and empowered—a true genuine real team.

GPS Guide for…Respect

This guide is your first step in creating a win-win relationship with your child. Learn the surprising way to get respect from your child. Discover the key to your positive relationship. Get a core piece of the Gentle Parenting Manifesto plus several tips for fostering respect in your home for only $5.97 CDN.

Other Segments

  • GPS Guide for…Guidance
  • GPS Guide for…Influence
  • GPS Guide for…Empathy
  • GPS Guide for…Connection
  • GPS Guide for…Empowerment
Alison SmithGentle Parenting Video Guide – ‘Respect’

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