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Have you …

  • asked yourself why you are the only one on playdates not wanting to use time-outs?
  • felt alone in defending your choices to family and friends?
  • known that your instincts to lovingly guide your child are right for your family, but perhaps you’re not sure how to apply it in some situations?

Testimony of Results

Alison Smith supports parents and care-givers in making the shift from a traditional approach to one of guidance, respect and a deep and lasting connection. Alison Smith Coaching shares evidence-based strategies at workshops.  It creates high-impact, on-going supportive parenting groups.  It offers powerful individual coaching tailored to your unique circumstances and is available to speak to large groups on a variety of topics.

Top 5 Benefits

5. Support and encouragement
4. Development of proactive strategies and tools
3. Less anger, frustration and overwhelm
2. Confidence
1.  A more peaceful and happy home

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Are You Ready?

  • I feel dissatisfied with the status quo.

  • I have a sense of how my life could be different.

  • I am ready to explore what has been holding me back.

  • I am committed to honest reflection and to doing the inner work necessary for lasting change.
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