Make sure to get your AMAZEatorium tickets! I look forward to seeing you.

Alison SmithAnnoucement


Touchstone Academy and a variety of other sponsors is bring this great event to Saint John on Saturday, April 25th.  Make sure to drop by my booth at the learning fair.  I look forward to meeting you!

The AMAZEatorium offers kids of all ages the world as their construction kit!

Everything from dry ice, to live animals, musical performances, dance, robots, and most of all, LEGOactivities will be on the floor, allowing kids to imagine, invent and create to their heart’s delight! Harbour Station will be transformed for the day into a fun-filled interactive learning fair, including workshops, demonstrations and hands-on activities of all kinds.

Most exciting of all will be the opportunity to meet Robin Sather, Canada’s only LEGO Certified Professional Builder! Kids and their families will help Robin build a massive LEGO creation unlike anything they have ever seen before!


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Alison SmithMake sure to get your AMAZEatorium tickets! I look forward to seeing you.