Why should parents of toddlers care about consent?

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Not a pleasant post to read, but important to determine your stance on it and to know other ways to protect your kids. Predators are not often the hooded figure lurking in the bushes with lollipops and promises of puppies. Most of them are known to us and trusted by us and our kids see us trusting them. In our … Read More

Alison SmithWhy should parents of toddlers care about consent?

When Our Kids’ Behaviours Make Us Crazy

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When our kids' behaviors make us crazy

We all get triggered. There are behaviours that set our teeth on edge or make us feel as if the Incredible Hulk is about to bust out and trash the house in a green rage. Here are just some of the things that drive lots of parents crazy: Whining Hitting another child Sass Refusing to cooperate Sounding ungrateful What sends … Read More

Alison SmithWhen Our Kids’ Behaviours Make Us Crazy

Support? What Support?!

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Why you may not be getting the support you think you’re asking for. By Alison Smith I’ve got a little something for you today that’s helpful even for the work world, or with spouses and friends. We’ve all had those moments when we’ve asked for help, only to hear the chirping of crickets. No one steps up. But what if … Read More

Alison SmithSupport? What Support?!

When Your Child Won’t Participate©

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When Your Child Won’t Participate

A parent asks: My five-year old doesn’t want to participate in music class. He doesn’t want to participate in anything – last year it was karate – and when he doesn’t want to participate, he says he “doesn’t feel well”. I don’t know what to do. Alison answers: You are not alone. In fact, my own family has experienced this … Read More

Alison SmithWhen Your Child Won’t Participate©