When People Pull Away

Alison SmithKV Style Column

We all have moments when our limiting beliefs affect our relationships. Others may not know what we are struggling with exactly, but they always pick up on the vibe. They know we are trying to get our needs met in indirect and unhealthy ways–and they want to get far away from that negative energy! We have all felt people pulling … Read More

Alison SmithWhen People Pull Away

Make sure to get your AMAZEatorium tickets! I look forward to seeing you.

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Touchstone Academy and a variety of other sponsors is bring this great event to Saint John on Saturday, April 25th.  Make sure to drop by my booth at the learning fair.  I look forward to meeting you! The AMAZEatorium offers kids of all ages the world as their construction kit! Everything from dry ice, to live animals, musical performances, dance, … Read More

Alison SmithMake sure to get your AMAZEatorium tickets! I look forward to seeing you.

Available Now! Alison Smith’s Gentle Parenting Manifesto eBook

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Gentle Parenting Manifesto eBook by Alison Smith

Read about Alison’s Gentle Parenting philosophy that she developed out of a need to find a different way to parent.   Although the term is not hers, the way she has pieced together others’ ideas and research is unique. Deep in Alison’s soul, she knew that children deserve as much respect as is afforded to adults, and not until she became a parent did a need for an even greater … Read More

Alison SmithAvailable Now! Alison Smith’s Gentle Parenting Manifesto eBook

Toddlers, Meltdowns and Misery, Oh My!

Alison SmithKV Style Column

Meltdowns may be a fact of life with small children, but the Terrible Two’s are not a life sentence. Knowing what our little ones are trying to communicate goes a long way in managing meltdowns. When they are crying or throwing themselves on the floor in an epic tantrum, they are indeed communicating. When they are little, this is normal … Read More

Alison SmithToddlers, Meltdowns and Misery, Oh My!