Gentle Parenting Manifesto eBook by Alison Smith

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The Gentle Parenting Manifesto: Creating win-wins with your child.
Learn the secrets to create a win-win relationship with your child. Discover how to increase cooperation and respect at home using these top parenting tools.
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What are people saying about the Manifesto?

“I highly recommend Alison Smith’s, Gentle Parenting Manifesto if you want to cultivate healthy and loving relationships with your children. I really appreciate the simple message of “being” a gentle parent with respect, empathy, connection and empowerment. It is beautifully written and formatted in a distilled, easy to read style. With many parent’s having busy lives and not a lot of time to read books on parenting, the The Gentle Parenting Manifesto will be a great place to start on your journey of “being” a gentle parent.” – Leslie B.




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