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Parent Coaching Programs


Begin to create a win-win relationship with your child. Develop an action plan customized to your unique family situation. Increase your confidence. Enjoy greater cooperation, peace and laughter in your home.

6 weeks* of private coaching with customized resources for only 497.

12 weeks* for only 897.

This structured coaching program provides:

– private instruction in the gentle parenting approach

– guided practice and reflection activities

– accountability for, and sustained focus on, your parenting goals

– gentle strategies to add to your parenting tool kit

– weekly action steps to move toward your goals

Common parenting concerns include:

– changing unwanted behaviours

– setting limits in a respectful way

– developing a closer relationship and increasing your influence with your child

– fostering a respectful, cooperative environment for the whole family

– exploring common emotional triggers for parents

– transitioning to a gentler parenting style

* Coaching sessions are one-hour in length, every two weeks with a certified coach. Private and confidential. Programs include a brief check-in between each coaching session as well as membership into the Inner Circle, an online, members-only forum, plus a copy of the parenting guide, The Gentle Parenting Manifesto.

** Get access to ALL of Alison’s parenting guides, workshops, groups and webinars for you AND a partner, bi-weekly coaching and weekly check-ins for an entire year, in-home observation or video evaluation to deep dive into parent-child dynamic, PLUS a 1/2 day intensive support session in case of crisis, PLUS a full follow-up coaching session three months after program completion for $700/month.

Payment plans available.


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Parents working with Alison went from feeling alone and unsure about aspects of their parenting, to feeling connected and relieved to find strategies that work for them.

“Things like this should be taught in school. Exploring what motivates my behaviours through Life Coaching and learning the tools to help me reach my goals seemed like a no-brainer. I’m glad I took this step.” Joanna C

“We have already found more calmness, less stress and overall happier households….in 3 days!”

“Alison was a thoughtful and compassionate listener who was able to decipher and ask the right questions to uncover what I could not see for myself. I was able to see that there are areas in my life where I continue to hold onto self-limiting beliefs. Being aware and conscious of them when they rear their ugly head has given me access to a new found freedom and joy in doing the things I love in life. Thanks Alison!” – Shelly M

“I encourage you to contact Alison. She’ll change your life.” – Henrick H


“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb





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