I have known Alison for a year now. During that year she has offered tremendous support and guidance through her coaching process. Alison is authentic, supportive and encouraging in her approach to her coaching. Alison presented weekly challenges and check-ins for me, and gave me the space I needed to find my authentic self, consistently challenging me to dig deeper, to the root of the issue….some issues I had been struggling with for 10+ years. I truly feel everyone could benefit from [Alison Smith Coaching]- whether it’s for a little ‘fine tuning’ or a complete ‘life make over’. LC
Thanks so much for your help with making me analyze [my goals] more closely, and for being such a good sounding board for me… and [I] will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a life coach to get them back on track.  Thanks so much for all your help.Lisa J
Alison has been great to work with – supportive and hard working.  She is friendly, a good listener and asks insightful questions.  Her insight with respect to assisting me to improve upon my areas of weakness has been invaluable.JP
Things like this should be taught in school. Exploring what motivates my behaviours through Life Coaching and learning the tools to help me reach my goals seemed like a non brainer. I’m glad I took this step.Joanna C
Alison was a thoughtful and compassionate listener who was able to decipher and ask the right questions to uncover what I could not see for myself. I was able to see that there are areas in my life where I continue to hold onto self-limiting beliefs. Being aware and conscious of them when they rear their ugly head has given me access to a new found freedom and joy in doing the things I love in life. Thanks Alison!Shelly M
After a free 15-minute consultation,”Thank you very much!! I look forward to looking all this up this evening when I have some down time. It was great to chat and I found it very helpful.” Krista S.
“I love the services you offer! I checked out your website the other day and wow so much knowledge and info about parenting that you offer! I don’t plan on becoming a parent for at least 5 years but when I do I will definitely be signing up for your services!”Mike H.
“I was feeling very anxious as the new school year approached. My daughter had a bad year in Grade 2 ranging from having a horrible teacher who threatened to kick the kids if they didn’t listen and would even show off her special “pointy” heels for this task, to being isolated and not included in play. She also had another teacher who constantly nit picked on her for spelling her words using British English and not American English. One of the other things she faced was not being comfortable with other girls in their class as she couldn’t relate to what they talked about (chasing boys and wanting to develop quickly). A week before school was due to start, my daughter couldn’t sleep at night, was up a lot and crying. She kept saying the same thing to me over and over – I don’t want to go to school, can you homeschool me please? I was shattered and didn’t know what to do, I experienced something similar growing up and had no one to talk to.

I connected with Alison through a private group and we had a half an hour Skype call. She spoke to both my daughter and I, sharing simple strategies which we both could apply. She spoke to my daughter and helped her feel confident about using the strategies she suggested.

I am very happy to report that we have had a successful first week of school, my daughter is happy with her teacher and has made a new friend whom she plays well with. She looks forward to going to school every day now and that makes me a happy mom!! Thank you Alison!”K.P.

“We have already found more calmness, less stress and overall happier households….in 3 days!”Sarah M.
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