This workshop is being offered to parents and other care-givers based on the principles of Gentle Discipline. Strategies presented will be non-punitive and will support respectful limit-setting. Participants will discuss concrete examples and real-life scenarios such as hitting, sharing, separation, “back-talk”, whining and tantrums. Limited background theory will be provided, so it is recommended that participants be familiar with the approach or attend the introduction workshop: Gentle Parenting Practices. Contact for questions.

Bring a pen and paper. Some handouts will be offered for take-home and a light snack will be available!

Cost: $49/person, $75 for two (e.g. Spouse/Sitter/Friend) or $75/person for two Level 2 workshops.

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Alison SmithToddlers & Preschoolers: Practical Discipline Strategies

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